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Text for Page 205 [01-31-1862]

	      A Letter from Hannah.
of Mason and Slidell, �until,� said Shanley, �I
had to give him a regular d__ning � to tell him
he talked like a d____d fool!�   To the �Post;�
saw Godwin.   To Haney�s; he not in; to �Vanity
Fair� office again; saw Stephens.     To �Nick
Nax� office; saw Thatcher.       Up town.      A let-
ter from Hannah.         � I can�t put down 
how her letters affect me; they fill me with
affection, passionate yearning and remorse �
shame that I have affected so little towards winning
her; �tis for that reason that I always forbear
to descant on them.        Items: Hartley is mar-
ried to his housekeeper.    He came over to Chacombe
with the woman previous to the marriage, to soli-
cit �a great favor � that way Hannah should
keep house for him during a temporary absence
(!) with characteristic Banbury cunning, sup-
pressing any mention of his marital intentions.
She, puzzled and annoyed, declined.       �I
have found out since,� she adds, �that I should
have had to be bridesmaid, and to have stayed
at the house during their tour in France.   I can-
not think why they fixed upon me, as I knew
very little of them, merely speaking when we
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