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Text for Page 206 [01-31-1862]

	       Bill Rogers� Sister.
Rosa, bye the bye, writes to Hannah, say-
ing that she and her husband have a boarder,
�an Italian by birth, an Egyptian by adoption�
� an agreeable hybrid, I should say. �He is a
nice man,� she says � will she play the whore
with him, I wonder?   Not at present, perhaps;
for she looks forwards to maternity.      I don�t
care if she don�t live through it.        The marriage
of kind Mary Bennett and James Heritage,
her cousin, seems imminent.   Hannah went to
a Birmingham cattle-show with the Gazeys.
Savage, a Staffordshire man (whom I recol-
lect as being present during my first visit to
Chacombe) has turned up, is a widower and
�worries� Hannah with long letters � apropos
of �a grate which he has to get for father� � which
�nobody esl else will or is expected to answer.�
  Wrote a letter to my mother and to Mary
Anne.     In the evening, in pursuance of a
little note of invitation from Matty Edwards,
went to 745.        Miss Abigail Rogers there, sis-
ter to hearty Bill of Rochester, an equally hearty
brown-skinned plump old maid, a �Wolverine�
by adoption.     She had recently returned from
Washington and told us some little amusing mat-
ter about the homely talk of President Lincoln,               
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