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Text for Page 207 [01-31-1862]

	Story-writing and Impecuniosity.
the dressiness of his wife &c.     Nast and Sally
were present; didn�t mix much with the rest, but
laughed superfluously at Miss Rogers sayings.
Haney came in anon, from a call at Bellew�s.
Mr. Russell was of the party and Mrs. Edwards.
  Eliza is willing to be great friends with me just
now, she wants to pump me about Haney�s cold-
ness towards her.       Artless creatures young girls

  1.  Saturday.   Heavy snow-storm all day.
Story-writing in better spirits than of late, though
in debt for three weeks board and otherwise hard
up.        Cahill came up by 4 P. M. so deplorably
drunk that he tumbled down the lower stairs, in
quitting my room, and I had to help him to his.
In the evening to the house of Mr. Frank Moore
in Union Square, according to appointment made
by him, which he broke.              I had addressed
him by letter in re a projected Diary of Charles-
ton doings, during the Sumter business, advertised
for publication.    Very snowy night.
  2.  Sunday.   To Bellew�s by 5 P. M.  Out
with him.   He told me that he had received a
letter from O�Brien, on Lander�s staff, at
Cumberland, Md.      At the Woodbine in the               
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