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Text for Page 208 [02-02-1862]

	 Bellew doesn�t Pay or Lend.
Sixth Avenue, we drank and I asked him to
lend me a dollar.       He had little money but lent
me half my demand.  Talking subsequently, I fear he rather
diminished his earnings in view of what had pas-
sed.     In truth, what with the house, his wife,
her extravagances, doctorings &c and his own care-
less pecuniary habits he can neither afford to be
just nor generous  except in the way of stand-
ing drinks.   �So far as that goes� he invites
everybody.    If he had had the wherewithal he ne
might have lent me $5 or more, but he would
never have thought of paying that �1, or me for
my work on the block for which he got $20
t�other day.     I chronicle these things in perfect
goodwill to their subject, only as a study of char-
acter.        �I didn�t take that house,� said he,
of his present residence.  As if I didn�t know
that.       Leaving him, I went in accordance
with an invitation, to the Robertson�s, whither
Boweryem couldn�t come in consequence of the set-
ting to music of one of his �little melladies� taking
him over to Brooklyn.         We chatted and drank
whiskey and water till 10, when I departed
and looked in at 745, to find the family,
Haney and Honeywell.  Matty had certain
newly-taken cartes-de-visite, which, we agreed,               
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