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Text for Page 210 [02-02-1862]

didn�t do justice to her pretty face.     Being
left for five minutes with Eliza in the hall at
parting, the question came.  She wanted to know
what was the matter with Haney; why he hadn�t
asked for one of her portraits as well as those
of Matty and Jack.           She didn�t care about it,
of course, only she didn�t know what she had
done to offend him &c &c.       She had noticed
it.       Oh! no, she wouldn�t ask him!  What did
she want me to tell him? how absurd! she
didn�t expect me to say anything about it.  I
told her it was against my interest to make �em
friends as then she�d throw me over.    How stu-
pid, to be sure.                  Honeywell is again
drawing near to Mat, saith Haney.             The
girl had ended what happened heretofore by
declining to accept an invitation to visit his mo-
ther, at his request, until he apologized for
having intentionally cut her father and mother
in the street.          In response, he wrote a letter,
saying that the family were too English for him,
he was an American &c � and declining.   When
he returned from �saving the capital� with
the Seventh, Jack held out the olice branch,
which was accepted, but the little tendresse bet-
ween Charley and Martha had apparently ex-
pired.             Is it reviving, now?   Haney sug-               
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