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Text for Page 212 [02-02-1862]

gests possibly so.  �The girl�s too good for him;�
I said, �twenty others would suit him equally
well.�  �That�s what I think!� said he.       Why
should Haney make the discovery?   Returning
to 132, on my way up stairs, I looked in at
Cahill�s room and found him Watson and Jewett
at dominoes.
  3.  Monday.   In doors all day, scribbling
  4.  Tuesday.   Out for a walk in the morning;
writing till midnight.
  5.  Wednesday.   Finished story.   Feverish
with overmuch staying in-doors, took a rush
downtown to Nassau Street and back.      To
745 in the evening.       The girls were going to
a ball, got up for the benefit of Serrell�s
Regiment, Mrs S. having given them tickets
� said tickets being perhaps a little unsaleable
in consequence of the hardiness of the times.  Both
Mat and Eliza came down wrapped and
pinned up, with Nubias on head &c but were
complaisant enough to un-wrap and un-pin
for my gratification.     They both looked pretty
enough in all their war paint and were in
as good spirits as all healthy girls with a dance
in prospect ought to be.      Pratt was there as
fellow escort to Jack.       Pratt is the son of a               
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