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Text for Page 027 [11-19-1851]

              stage.  How she had done so, first singing only, then in
character.  How she was liked, bouquets &cs thrown
on the stage &c. And finally how she was then at
Columbus, playing, as Miss De Forest.   Mrs K read
her letters to me.  [words crossed out]  Albeit
it pleases vanity and ambition now ^|she| won�t find the tittle-
tattle, jealousies and aspirations of the green room an
Eden. [words crossed out].     But this, one might have con-
jectured, would occur, sooner or later.  /  Bye the
bye, shallow Master Pope had proposed for her to Mrs
K, so she says. /   Presently in came Mason and buxom
Jane Gibson.       Mason, so saith Mrs K is terrifically
anxious that Charley Brown�s renewal of love-letter-writing
to his sister should be broken off.   He, by the way hath
[word crossed out] questionable right to pitch stones at Brown, inas-
much as the little roue hath been as bad as may be 
in �fast� exploits.     Brown is better than him, I don�t
know anything agreable about Mason, saving a certain quaint
London vulgarity-improved style of expression.     On
my leaving he told me that Surtees was coming to board
at Franklin Street, tomorrow.   Talking with Shaw,
about it, he replied �What, Tittlebat     Titmouse, and
he and Mrs Leave related how Surtees, on first
coming to their notice had dressed most terrifically
showy, and in horribly snobbish taste.   This was               
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