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Text for Page 213 [02-05-1862]

Coventy ribbon manufacturer, in this country
on the firm�s business � has been here perhaps
twelvemonths.   Russell brought him to 745.   He
is a bachelor � query? an eligible one.      Miss Anne
was going to the ball, too.       Saw her and
Mrs Colonel Serrell, who was fully aware of
the glory attaching to that designation.  I have
not met her, I think, since the Amity Street
party, when, I veritably believe, they thought I
was smitten with the favoring Sally.         Did
I ever put down that Mrs Serrell and Mrs G.
Edwards were sisters � their father a clergy-
man?               The party off, I sat with Mr
Edwards and little Jessie, talking and read-
ing till 11, when the always hard working
Mrs Edwards came down-stairs.          The
girls were trying skating last night, in the
Central Park, with Haney and Jack.         I
picked up the �Woman in White� at the house
this evening, with the inscription �To Mathe on
her nineteenth birthday by J. C. H.� Allus the
best o�friends, ain�t us, Pip?��       Pratt was to
be toted up to see visit the Nasts tomorrow night.
  5.  Thursday.  To Harper�s.  �Trapped�
accepted (which don�t alter my opinion of it,
though I was glad enough.)    Left t�other story,
saw Newman and departed.      To the Sunday               
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