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Text for Page 214 [02-06-1862]

Times, the Tribune and the Times Office, seeing
Dana and England at the second, Armstrong at
the third.    At John Pyne�s book-store; secesh
talk with him and Nagle.      Met Damoreau (whose
head looked very small) with two or three engravers
from Harper�s.   Up town.     In the evening, I
was just taking off my boots when Bellew�s ser-
vant girl appeared, with a note from her mas-
ter.  �My dear Gunn,� he wrote, �as soon as you
get this, will you come down and see me? � do for
God�s sake.     I am very sick and need a kind
friend by me � I dare not trust myself
through the night alone.�   I went, of course,
returning with the girl.       I found him avow-
edly better than at the time of writing the letter
and encouraged him, tacitly, to talk and ease
his mind.         Wife had been going it as I sus-
pected, wearying out heart and soul.       Hired
nurse, a cheery sensible woman, couldn�t stand
her; said that she wouldn�t continue in office
for $100 a night.      Mrs B. had fancied her-
self poisoned, suspected an innocent female ser-
vant and by her ravings so wrought upon
the excited and enfeebled brow of her husband
that he began to think himself poisoned, too, �
detecting imaginary symptoms.    Mrs B. would
get up in the middle of the night, insist on               
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