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Text for Page 218 [02-07-1862]

then to a sofa-bed in the adjoining room.   It
was a suggestive position, the handsome but half-
furnished apartment; the adjoining one with
its unwashed marble mantel piece and artist-
litter, the mice nibbling and scratching in the
wainscot, like the cares that were eating the
hearts of the miserable couple above.     What
ingeniously-wrought novelistic revenge for the
breaking of that commandment could equal
all this?        I felt profoundly sorry for Bellew,
� and went to sleep.              In two hours time
I heard him in the next parlor.            A howling
dog prevented his slumber.   I hadn�t heard
the creature, but did distinguish a yap and
momentary yell subsequently.  Bellew went
to bed again and slept soundly, as I did,
till God�s sunlight came in through the windows
and aroused me.         My host was up presently.
All the arrangements of the household struck
me as in keeping, a curious blending of mag-
nificence and discomfort.  The plug to the
wash basin in the bath room was mislaid;
I had to wash in running water, a la Eothen �
(a good plan, too.) One handsome chair in Bellew�s studio was deficient of an arm. When the girl made the fire
she didn�t clean out the cinders of overnight, but
heaped on top an extravagant and unnecessary a-
mount of wood � which Bellew removed.  We               
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