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Text for Page 219 [02-07-1862]

breakfasted down stairs, as usual, (after the meal
had been allowed to get Laodicean) in company
with a pretty-looking young girl, a Miss Van
Norden, daughter to Bellew�s former land-
lord.      I had previously got a breezy, sunny
walk in search of a newspaper.       After two
hours delay, during which old Wheeler called
I got Bellew out into the morning.      Left him
at 14th street on a call at the Wheeler resi-
dence, and to my cockloft.  Scribbling all
the afternoon.  Cahill up � sober � on pay-day.
He says little Edge called here last night to
see Watson � Edge fresh from Port Royal and
talking John Bright and the London Star about
the American Row.   Scribbling till 8 or later.
Going downstairs found Mrs Butler and Jones
in Mrs Boley�s room, with herself, Cahill and
Jewitt.   Chat awhile, then to 745, with an arm-
full of books to send to George Edwards at Hil-
ton Head S. C. � at Anne�s request.      Found only
Mrs Edwards and Anne, paterfamilias, Haney
and Jack having gone off to witness the process
of making aerated bread and the girls being on a
visit to Honeywell�s mamma.        Stayed till 10 �,
then off rapidly through the wintry and almost
deserted streets to Bellew�s house.       Rang once,
twice and thrice, when he descended, having gone               
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