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Text for Page 221 [02-07-1862]

to bed.     Talked for five minutes, then he ret-
ired, leaving me by the fire with a bottle of
hollands and some biscuits.  Read the Post and
Herald � the latter as affording the guage of the
lowest standard of newspaper morals conceivable �
then to my sofa-bed, on the chair adjacent to which
there still remained the coffee-cup which had been
brought to me in the morning.
  8.  Saturday.   Bath; out of doors for news-
papers, read �em, waited till 10 �; Bellew did-
n�t appear so rushed off sans breakfast, got in
9th Avenue car and so down-town, hungry enough.
To Harpers, saw proof of story, got $23 for
it.     While there, G. Curtis was present at ano-
ther table; appearing, in manner and speech, one
hump of snobbish affectation.  Newman there, too.
To Crook and Duff�s for an oyster stew and
a glass of ale, found Strong on the stool adja-
cent stool, having a characteristic Yankee lunch, con-
sisting of a piece of sophisticated pie and a cup
of coffee.  The little man was chatty, and I walk-
ed back with him to his store, where I beheld
Tommy Nast, who figures extensively in this
week�s �Notions.�  (? Isn�t this a sign of decadence
in payment on the part of the Ill. News � I have
heard of a cutting down of salaries there.   Look-
ed into Haney�s, into Frank Leslie�s, then up-               
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