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Text for Page 222 [02-08-1862]

town.    Chores &c; some scribbling during
the evening.    Little Edge up, prim, spectacled
and conversational, talking American about the
rebellion, which according to his opinion is
to be extinguished in a month or so.      He stay-
ed an hour or more, Boweryem being with us
during the best part of it, and when he had de-
parted, Edge said he wanted me to be the New
York correspondent of the London �Star.� I had
been expressing opinions decidedly opposite to those
of that paper throughout the interview!           Edge
wrote for the Morning Herald in London; he says
he has had interviews with Earl Russell, with
the Duke of Newcastle, apropos of American af-
fairs, knows Bright and other notabilities.         He
left his wife among her folks in Switzerland.
  I paid honest Mrs Boley three of the four weeks
board which I owed her with immense satisfac-
tion this evening.  During my recent poverty, Ha-
ney (who knew of it) never offered to lend me so
much as a dollar.     He would, I have no doubt, if
I had asked him.     He can lend money to Frank
Wood or to O�Brien.                       Anne Edwards
told me, last night, that Miss Abigail Rogers
had visited Fanny Fern, and returned to 745
with a general impression that she was rather an
ill-used person than otherwise and that the Edwards               
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