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Text for Page 028 [11-19-1851]

              next morning.)     To Reade Street shades, whiskey skin
and a read at Punch, then to bed.
  20.  Thursday.  To Reveille Office, with blocks
Got into a long converse with Matthews, the Editor,
concerning Washington Irving, he like [words crossed out]
[words crossed out] depreciating him [words crossed out].  Barton joined in
the talk, [words crossed out].
Got $2 for drawings.   To Traveler Office, to Genins,
where I saw him, (Wants me to teach an individual
drawing. Barkis is willin�.)   To the Post Office.
To Millers.  (Got a pleasant letter from Mr Hart,
this morning � all right.)   Back.     Traveler not
out yet.   Newsboy said it was �bust up�.   Back to
Franklin.  Dined.   Read a little, (Barth calling
meanwhile, didn�t see him.)     Down town at sun-
set.   Traveler Office.   Paper out in great glory,
(a day after its time,)   talk with Holbrook. Hawkins
would�nt lend him $17, [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]. 				/  Hol-
brook made proposal if he could�nt rouse tin enough
to start Yankee Doodle, to make me Editor of
Traveler, putting Hawkins aside, as he has all
along desired to do.     He can�t write, except nastily �
Makes up for the paucity of his brains by sen-
sualism and abuse.   Won�t do, and Holbrook knows               
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