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Text for Page 223 [02-08-1862]

family ought to look over her little short-comings
and to be fond of her!            There was only one
error about the business; her introduction to the
house.    What right had Jim Parton to bring his
decent kinsfolk into contact with his ex-mistress
and the divorced wife of another man?       Nicho-
las was to be married to-day, says Haney.
  9.  Sunday.   Chores.      Writing to Edward
Greatbatch (now Bristol.)  Stroll in the after-
noon, anon, by 5, to the Robertsons, finding the
Captain dozing on the sofa, his wife opposite
a good fire of blazing cannel coal.      Gossip,
toddy and tea, to which meal Boweryem ar-
rived in time to participate.         Chat national,
military, social, theatric and what not.             Be-
fore Boweryem�s appearance, Robertson had
told me the true story of O�Brien�s shooting
the man Davenport, which he was well quali-
fied to do, having narrowly escaped witnessing
it.         Robertson was turned over to the Mc
Clellan Rifles with a certain number of that
unlucky corps, the British Volunteers, and
sojourned at the camp at Factoryville during
the summer months.   He, an Anglo-Indian
and old soldier, saw very little to admire in
the state of things.  O�Brien was continually
drunk, arbitrary and detested by the men;               
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