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Text for Page 225 [02-09-1862]

              [newspaper clipping]
NICHOLAS�CHILS�At Morristown, N. J., at the red-
  dence of the bridge�s mother, by the Rev. R. N. Merrit
  Geo. W. Nicholas of the city, to Jane Laurence, daughter
  of the late Judge Chils of Morristown.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
He was under temporary arrest; but the man
didn�t die as was expected; O�Brien�s colonel
favored the escape of a companion; the press
generally reported the thing a la Cahill, against
the Sergeant and the man is now limping a-
bout Governor�s Island, with a bullet in his body,
as recently seen by my informant.        O�Brien
got his appointment on Lander�s staff by
making interest with Mrs Lander, who was
Miss Davenport the actress � the daughter
of the �original Crummles� � indeed the �Pheno-
menon� of Nicholas Nickleby.       He had puffed
her in the papers.                      Left at 10 �,
parted from Boweryem, and looked in at 745.
Ann and her father there; all the rest having
gone to bed, the girls tired out with a walk
back from the Central Park, in company with
their brother, Hayes, Selwyn and Pratt. (?)
Ann hadn�t been to Chapin�s for the reason that
�Mr Nast cut up so, making grimaces and drawing
caricatures in the pew, that it was impossible to
  10.  Monday.   Chores, and writing to Han-
nah.   Down town towards the latter part of the
afternoon, for tobacco and to the Post Office.   In-
doors all the evening.
  11.  Tuesday.   Finishing letter.     Out to post               
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