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Text for Page 226 [02-11-1862]

it at sunset.    In the evening through the fal-
ling snow to Bellew�s, finding him in company
with Van Orden, who soon left.       Stayed till
12.     Bellew read certain extracts from a M. S.
of his writing entitled �Bad Advice to Young
Wives,� which he designs publishing in F. Leslie�s
Budget.      It was evidently quarried from his
own conjugal experience, and rather felicitously
done; the wife being unreasonable, irritating, 
unjust, illogical and miserably exacting �
Nelly Strutt again.      Talking over it, Bellew
got off a good, diabolic thing, which he made a 
note of.     �The miserable prostitutes who walk
the streets of a great city at night have one
consolation � that there are thousands of married
women ceaselessly  engaged in avenging them!�
I saw O�Brien�s letter to Bellew � Irish,
with ejaculatory �By God�s� in it, and latent brags
of �you�ll hear of me.�            Return through the snow.
  12.  Wednesday.   To Putnam�s; saw Moore,
the compiler of the Rebellion Record; to the �Mai-
son Dore� in Union Square, a stylish up-town
restaurant.      Looking through it, and taking
notes for article for the Post.     Return by 2.
Story-writing in the afternoon.     In the evening
with Boweryem to hear Fred Douglass lecture
at the Cooper Institute.        Afterwards parted               
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