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Text for Page 227 [02-12-1862]

with my companion and dropped in at 745.
Mr and Mrs E., Ann, Jack, Matty and Ha-
ney.    Stayed half an hour or so; Haney walk-
ing homewards with me, and, at my suggestion,
to the Optimus for ale.
  13.  Thursday.   Writing.   Down-town in the
afternoon; called at F. Leslie�s and the Sun-
day Times offices.     Edge came up in the even-
ing; in my room with Boweryem and, part
of the time, Watson.    With Edge to �the Store�
for ale subsequently.      More talk about my
becoming New York correspondent for the London
�Star.�        Something may come of it.
  14.  Friday.   Down town.    To Harper�s.   Story
being set up.  To the Enlisting place of Ser-
rell�s regiment, twice, to see Major Butt,
about getting a chance to go to Port Royal, but
he wasn�t in.     Saw Mrs Serrell.        Hither and
thither.     At Crook and Duff�s found Bellew,
Brightly and Bogart, the engraver, whom I have
not met for some years.         Glover there.  W.
Waud came in.         With Bellew to Haney�s of-
fice and after some dawdling, left him there.
Up town, walking with Wild the cand maker
(who is as big an ass as any I know in New
York.)    Streets in their normal winter condition
of filth and misery.      Loafing during the after-               
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