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Text for Page 229 [02-15-1862]

having taken himself off and Boweryem having gone
to bed, Edge and I turned out for aw oyster-
stew.   (He had brought up for my future use,
sundry envelopes, directed in bigger than �stud-
horse� type to the London Star.           Returning
alone and looking into Cahill�s room, I found
him, Watson, Jewitt and Gufferoe.     Stayed
an hour hearing Cahill and Watson sing songs.
  And thus passed my thirty-sixth birth-day.
Hannah will be mindful of the anniversary.

[newspaper clipping and engraving]
  The Hon. Mrs. Squier looked most charming in a pink
silk, exquisitely trimmed with swansdown, which well ac-
corded with her soft and spirituelle beauty.  A wreath of
ivy, with its long and graceful tendrils, mingled most be-
witchingly with her blonde and waving hair.  Her ornaments
were opals and diamonds.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
I extract the paragraph and por-
trait from last week�s Frank Les-
lie�s Illustrated Newspaper.   The
first occurs in an article on Mrs
Lincoln�s recent ball, written by Squier him-
self in a vein of the most odious fulsome toady-
ism.    The fellow has been on to the Capitol with
his wife, to use his position as editor in order to
get some place under government.   I think I
have before chronicled what Leslie�s employe�s
say of his engagement on the paper; that the
precious pair of Squiers achieved it by a sort
of �panel-game� arrangement, in which the wo-               
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