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Text for Page 230 [02-15-1862]

man was the lure and bait and Leslie�s
hopes of cuckolding the husband the inducement
to appoint him editor.           Whether he is a wittol
cuckold is unknown, the general opinion being
that Leslie�s to be gulled of his expectations.   And
this Squier � a little ex-schoolmaster, ex-consul
and Yankee � is blatantly patriotic and foams
at the mouth editorially, every week against En-
gland!       I insert this from no earthly interest
in its subject, but as another crumb of testimony
to the purity of American journalism.
  16.  Sunday.   A delicious winter�s day over-
head; thawing snow under foot.      To 22nd
street.    With Bellew for an hour, then out to-
gether.     Visited Hamilton, who lived at fifteen
minutes� distance at the top of a tall house.
There is a Mrs Hamilton, whom we didn�t see,
also offspring.  Back to Bellews.       Dinner at
about 4 �, with Ally Baby and the two pretty
little Van Orden�s.       (I doubt if Bellew�s
household has any regular dinner-hour.  I ob-
served, too, that they had changed their servant,
the good-humored, approbative North of Ireland
girl who was sent for me, replacing her by
a negress.     I hope the girl took her wages with
her!)           Dozed awhile, then off, by sixth ave-
nue car, and to the Robertsons�, whither I               
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