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Text for Page 231 [02-16-1862]

had been invited to dinner.    Boweryem there
and the hearty couple, who seem exceedingly well
matched.      Claret and chat till 10, then
off.         Dropped into 745, finding apparently
a roomfull of people, resolving themselves into 
Mr and Mrs Edwards, Ann, Nast and Sally,
Jack, Matty, Eliza, Honeywell and a young
fellow unknown with a sister.  Haney, it
appeared, had gone to Newark for the day.
I was dog-tired, with tramping about in big
boots and headache from overmuch sitting up
last night, and, esconsced in big chair, at the
door-end of the room, watching the doings
and listening to the prattle at the farther
end, felt sad and shelved and slighted
and stupid � perhaps ill-conditioned and
unjust.     These young people were making
their game fast enough, � emulous, perhaps
of Sally�s example.          I admired the mo-
ther�s patience.   It was very dull � stupid
to the last degree � nobody addressed themselves
to her (the best person in the room) but my-
self, and I daresay I bored her, but she
sat it out bravely.    Morris came in, too, and
talked amiable drivel, as usual.    Happy
oblivion by 11 �, with a half-wish that I
mightn�t wake from it.               
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