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Text for Page 029 [11-20-1851]

              it.  [words crossed out]     Parted with Holbrook at Pearl Street,
to Franklin, supped, then writing till midnight.
  21. Friday.  Writing, drawing &c all the morning. �Ike�
among other things.     To the Office in the afternoon. To Nagle�s.
Back at 7.   Supped.  Evening writing.
  22 Saturday. To Traveler Office, Post Office &c &c
Locks, calls.      Afternoon, Office again, then to Brooklyn,
called at Dunsiers, Mrs D in, went to Longs with intent
to go to the Island, but the weather being, on his report, so
unfavorable that a drenching was a certainty, and drowning
a probability, therefore I returned to Franklin Street.
Called at Mr Greatbatch�s in the evening.
  23. Sunday.   After divers odd chores, to Brooklyn, and
there after waiting a chilly two hours, on and adjacent to the little
wharf, during which, strolling on to an adjoining timber yard, the
gate yet closed by some cut, imprisoning me to all intents and 
purposes, until the advent of Connor with his boat from the Is-
land relieved me.     Crossed, and to the hospital, and was
there, in Barth�s room  encountered by a not ill-looking dark-
haired, upright Yankee, whom it afterwards appeared, had been
brought thither by Doctor Decamp, alias �Barks�, Barth�s
boss, with intent to supplant Barth as Hospital Steward.  This
was simply done as an act of despotic caprice, and the man had
resigned, or refused or somewhat.     But there he was abiding
for the present, and more uncomfortable animal never existed.               
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