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Text for Page 233 [02-17-1862]

from George Edwards describing the new pier
in process of construction at Hilton Head, under
his superintendence.       Gave it Maverick for pub-
lication.    (By the way, both the N. Y. Times and
the Post endorsed the Herald�s swindling propo-
sition � not a New York newspaper condemned
it.)      Drizzle, sleet, mud and street excite-
ment.      Saw Brightly at Crook and Duff�s.
At F. Leslie�s: heard that Bellew was there,
but didn�t see him.    Up town.   An afternoon�s
loafing over the English newspapers.   Edge up,
rampant and deafening on the subject of the
success of the Federal side.     Dinner.    Edge
stayed till about 10; Watson and Boweryem
present part of the time.      An hour�s quiet
scribbling when I was rid of them, with the
fire burning brightly and the sleet patterning
at the windows.           Mary Anne�s boy may
have been in this fight, but I find no mention
of his regiment in the papers.  If so, God
grant that the lad�s safe.
  18.  Tuesday.   Finished Budget rot.    To 
Bellew�s with it by 5. P. M.     Found him
dozy by the fire, read it to him at his re-
quest when he pronounced it �first rate� and
incontinently fell fast asleep.      Returned, per
car to dinner.          With Cahill to Clinton Hall,               
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