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Text for Page 235 [02-18-1862]

midnight, I then returned to the house with
Watson, and talking with him in Cahill�s
room, it appeared that he had met Addison
Keane Richards, my acquaintance in my jour-
ney of 185 , down south.       Richards, during
a visit to New York, came to the Spirit of
the Times office (as of course he would, being
a well known sporting man and a passionate
lover of horses) when Watson was on the 
paper, and the two travelled about town
together to some small extent, Watson doub-
tless doing the honors to the celebrated Ken-
tuckian.       Keene Richards, says Watson, is
now a colonel in the Southern army.        Well,
Heaven care for him � he was a gentleman
and a good fellow.     If Kellam had lived,
now, what an ultra Secessionist and hater
of Yankees he would have been!    This
Fred Watson, as he calls himself, is a lewd
little knave; this evening he got to telling stories
of his boarding-house amours and the
like; how he lay with a landlady and had
to pay no board for nine months; how he
lay with two sisters, one a girl of fifteen or
sixteen, both knowing each others pudicity and
simultaneously being whored � and more of the
same sort.             He and Abrams, once of the               
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