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Text for Page 236 [02-18-1862]

Sunday Courier, were fellow boarders in the
sty of concupiscence, the scene of these possible
nastiness.        Watson was privy to the amour
of Abrams with the Mrs Norris whom Bil-
lington had to do with subsequently; indeed,
in conjunction with Gayler, he was present
at the affecting parting between the pair, when
Abrams went to London for the first time.
Mrs Norris, alias Green (for she was known
under both names) � whom Watson eulogizes
Priapishly, exacted the lust of Gayler, who
wanted to return home with her, but she, dis-
liking his appearance, entreated Fred to enter-
the carriage and order the driver to proceed, as
she didn�t want that �big red-faced man� to
know her address.   Gayler says Watson, resent-
ed this; at his, Watson�s expense.      In his talk
of the women Watson evidently wished me to
infer that he had shared her favors.         He has
known Billington for some time, and, with
Abrams, lived next door to him, when he (Bil-
lington) moved from this hosue to Beach Street,
near Hudson, where I once visited him.           Wat-
son says Gayler is married to the woman he
lives with; I have chronicled his story else-
where.         Gonzalo�s kingdom � all whores and
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