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Text for Page 238 [02-19-1862]

make the Edwards� family, including the wife
of a certain young Hebraic German artist that
I wot of!       However they�ll never know it for
me.      Apropos of the subject, some evenings aog
Eliza related to me, with expectant laughter,
how Jack Crockett had caused a mutual accountancy to accost Nicholas down town,
with some allusion 
about seeing him in company with
an �old woman� � opining it must have been
his mother-in-law.          It was his wife.   I dis-
appointed Miss Pert, by saying the thing
was in atrociously bad taste.        Scribbling.
Lunch.      By 4, down town with Damoreau
and Cahill, the latter being intent on getting
an order from Watson anticipating his first
week�s salary.    Mud and fast falling snow.
With Damoreau to Barnum�s Museum.   The
hippopotamus, the dwarf, Natt, and the whale.
The first beast is interesting, the second little
creative inspires only pity and the reverse of
gratification.     Parted with Charley and up
town in densely crowded omnibus � a filthy night
outside.       By the way, while at the entrance
of the Times Office, the tall Watson � Watson
the vulturous passed us, with a word of recog-
nition to me.    Damoreau and I had
talked of him before, and of what a wicked               
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