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Text for Page 239 [02-19-1862]

face he has.       Have I ever described him?
A tall, thin, cadaverous man, really like a
resuscitated corpse, a vampire, a bloodless
wretch, with oh! such a countenance � sin in-
carnate.    Ugly, small, furtive eyes, a snarky,
vulturous, cold, watchful look � Yankee dia-
bolism personified.    �They say horrid things
about him,� quoth Damoreau �� talk about
incest with a sister,� &c.      I never heard this
story, but I know the man has one of the
worst of characters.     Yet in spite of
this and of his appearance, he is said to be
inordinately successful with women.  �You see
him with beautiful women � splendid, you
know! &c� depones Cahill, and my obser-
vation corobberates this.  The man has an
�office,� in the Times building.       When I
found myself at the boarding-house table, at
dinner, a letter was brought to me.    From Han-
nah, God love her! in recognition of my birth-
day!  I felt a card within it and supposed
(with the pang that always accompanies the news
of marriage of those I know � because I seem
so far from it � ) that it might be Mary�s 
wedding card.   It was a carte-de-visite portrait
of my Hannah.     Oh! God love her!     God love
her, whatever becomes of me.         What a con-               
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