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Text for Page 243 [02-22-1862]

the evening to witness the illuminations, of which
there were but few, and encountered Jack Edwards,
bound on the same errand.    (He had been on parade
in the morning, returning muddied up to the knees.)
Dived into a concert-saloon, saw a dance, heard
a song, departed and parted.          To the Planter�s
Hotel, each window of which was illuminated (pro-
bably in consequence of the majority of its inmates being
Secesh in sympathy,) and on the fifth story, in a
room of limited dimensions, found the Robertsons
and Boweryem.       Tods and talk for an hour.
Returning to 132, found Edge asleep with his spec-
tacles on, on Cahill�s sofa.   Didn�t disturb him, and
he presently adjourned to the bed, which its legitimate
occupant left untenanted for the night.
  23.  Sunday.   Edge up, Cahill, and for some
short time Banks, who has a prospect of trying edi-
torship in Colorado Territory.    Providence takes care
of the old as well as the young ravens!        This par-
ticular bird seems loth to leave his New York cover.
He came up to suggest a notion for a story to me ��it
was no use his doing it � he couldn�t sell anything;
he should expect bundle of cigars if &c &c.�     Left
alone; story scribbling till 6.         Out with Cahill,
parting at 745.               Mr and Mrs Edwards and
Ann at home, the rest of the family at Chapin�s.
Talk.    Haney came as usual from Parton�s.   I               
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