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Text for Page 245 [02-23-1862]

had brought the last Cornhill and read out Thack-
eray on �Half a Loaf� � apropos of the American
question.      Talk thereon, British and American.
Arrival of the three sisters, Nast, Jack and Honey-
well.          Left at 10 and went to the Robertson�s,
whom Boweryem had just quitted.   Tod and talk
till 10 �, then home.               Cahill is at present
trying to succeed Davenport in the good graces of 
Fanny Browne.      There has been a furious row
between the actor and his ex-mistress, in consequence
of the former�s infidelity with another actress, Ada
Clifton, as she calls herself.      Fanny caught Daven-
port kissing t�other strumpet, pitched into him,
tore his clothes to rags and received a black eye.
Cahill says she is constitutionally a wanton, and
propses to avail himself of that idiosyncacy.    He
visits her.
  24.  Monday.   Writing all the stormy, bluster-
ous day, till evening, then at Softly�s invitation,
to the �Academy of Music,� to witness the performance
of an individual styling himself �Professor Adrien,
, King of Wizards
and Prince of Magicians,� and who gravely disclaim-
ing all Satanic agency, made the most ridi-
culous failure conceivable in nearly all of his
attempted feats.   He was a grave, tall, middle-
aged, portly-bald, dark-bearded Yankee, got               
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