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Text for Page 246 [02-24-1862]

         �Whackin�  Miller�s �Thomas of Tigre.�
up impressively, with a curiously deliberative gait.
His doings would have been dreary in the extreme,
but for their absurdity.  The audience exhibited the
greatest goodnature, laughing at each succesive failure
and cheering when the stage was vacant.      One pitied
the man vehemently, at first, and then yielded to
the fun of it.        When the �entertainment� ended, the
mirth became almost jubilant.                     A very stormy
night, the house literally rocking with the wind.
  25.  Tuesday.   Sunny, cold and windy.        Down
town in the afternoon.  To. F. Leslie�s.  At Crook and
Duff�s found Bellew, Banks and a Mr. Thomas, who
was an acquaintance of Bellew�s �crowd� in the early
�Lantern� days; who was a comrade and is an ex-
treme admirer of the dead filibuster Walker.  Further
on I saw Frank Wood and others.                  Talking with
Bellew and Thomas.    The latter is here on mining
business in Nicaragua, intending to return thither
with machinery &c., in six weeks or so.   He offered
to pay my expenses, give me every facility for seeing
the country &c, if I would accompany him, and
write about the place, I presume with the inten-
tion of influencing migration.   Banks eagerly 
proposed acceptation on his own part, but Thomas
didn�t seem to see it.        Left them and to �Evening Post�
office; up-stairs to Maverick.           Anon returning to
Crook and Duff�s, found W. Waud there and the               
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