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Text for Page 248 [02-25-1862]

	�Stonewall Bateman� on O�Brien.
others.   Promiscuous chat and drinking.   I noticed
Sol Eytinge, Glover, Rosenberg, Bateman,
(father of the Bateman children, a Baltimorean
and rampant Secesh), Ottarson and others pre-
sent.      Sol stood with his back to the counter,
looking soggily drunk and being talked to.  I learnt
from Banks that a nominal reconciliation has taken
place between them, through Bellew.   They have
not spoken to each other for six years, since Bank�s
brutal or crazy insult at the expense of Sol�s
�devilish pretty sisters.�  Banks says he didn�t care
about the reconciliation � Sol did nothing but talk
sarcasm to everybody.   Poor Sol!   Talk of O�Brien�s
�getting shot� � Bellew eulogizing him � saying he
had �distinguished himself;� Bateman opining, in
real good will, that O�B�s death, in war, would be the
best fortune that could befall him.  W. Waud talk-
ed about a proposed removal of himself and the
Serjeant family � not out of Jersey.         Up-town
part of the way with Bellew, Thomas and Banks,
the former taking my arm, when I found he was
decidedly drunk, insomuch that he stumbled.       I
had passed Sweetsir, who told me he was again
night-editor of the �World,� after a long interval of
sickness.        Edge at the house, talking of my
accompanying him to Washington, thence to the seat
of war in the west.            Writing till 12.               
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