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Text for Page 249 [02-26-1862]

  26.  Wednesday.   Indoors, scribbling.   Morris
up in the afternoon.      By 9 P. M. to the Richard-
son�s.   Boweryem there.   Mrs R, reading certain
recently-written pages of stage reminescences.
  27.  Thursday.   Downtown by 1; at F. Leslie�s,
saw Powell.   To Crook and Duffs.  Saw W. Waud
and others.     Conversing with Banks and Thomas.
To Pyne�s book store.         Up-town.  In the evening
called on Edge, then to 745.           Haney there, the
girls, Mr Edwards and anon Jack, his mother
and Ann.   Talks with Eliza.   The basement
is to be abandoned by May, it being let for a
shoe store; the family removing up-stairs.
  Before going to 745 I dropped in at the New York
Hotel and sat conversing till 9 with Thomas.  Bellew
and Banks came in temporarily.       Bellew has re-
moved from 22nd street back to 12th.             There,
during his absence, Mrs Levison called and saw
his wife.   Mrs L. wanted a drawing for Nick nax,
did the patron at first, then talked as if Bellew
had been her dearest friend and confidential advi-
ser.    The effect on Mrs B. has not been divulged
but may be imagined.
  28.  Friday.   In doors all the stormy, dreary,
blusterous day, scribbling story, hardly settling to
it till the afternoon, for Edge and Cahill were
up, talking, till near noon.   I found them in               
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