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Text for Page 250 [02-28-1862]

              Cahill�s room last night and Edge did
not return home.  The frailest of mortals, he
complains of neuralgia and what not, 
and is rendered miserable by an open window,
yet he talks of riding heroically beside Mc Clellan
in the grand advance of the army on the Potomac
which everybody is expecting, also of leading for-
lorn hopes and immolating himself on behalf of
that great Dagon the Union.          I believe him to
be honest enough in sentiment, but entirely one-
sided and monstrously conceited.
  Portrait of
Frederick Wat-
son, which he
had taken just
before starting
to join Porter�s
�Mortar Expe-
dition,� being
just then in a
decided state
of funk at his
presumed risk.
I don�t know 
his real name.
His uncle was
the solicitor of


				Edge�s father,
				probably is so yet,
				hence the acquaint-
				ance between Edge
				and Watson.  The
				latter has some abili-
				ty with his pen, is
				shrewdish, radical-
				ly dishonest, a
				lewd liver and a
				professed atheist.
				He sings bawdy
				songs of his own
				composition, knows 
				a good deal about
				theatricals and be-
				lieves in nothing
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