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Text for Page 031 [11-25-1851]

              till 2.  Much talk with Holbrook about terms. Got $5
per week ready, and 1/4 profits when Circulation gets ahead.
[words crossed out]  Weary Work.   Feel very ill, and am very poor.
Back through the driving snow.     Afternoon, sitting in the
common room, talking to Actor Reynolds & by a good fire.
Evening down to Office again.  Got no money from Holbrook.
�To-morrow�.     To Tailors, got mended coat, back �home�
and here I sit, all alone, in the common room, a good
fire behind me, with throbbing head, aching heart, and
am, the next line finished about to commence writing home 
to my Mother.     If she knew.
  26.  Wednesday.   Down town, to Traveler and Reveille Offices,
sent letter for home.     At dinner was informed, across the table
that �our� friend was married.� �Who?� inquired I. �Lotty,� said
he.     So it is; � her mother had had intimation of it but
for a few days before it took place.  /     Busied all the after-
noon, and in the evening managed to call in at Mrs Kidders.
Saw good-tempered Jane Gibson, who told me the little they knew
about it. �He was a good-hearted fellow, and very foxed of
her; � a scenic artist, by profession.�     And speaking of it
in a letter to Jane Gibson, she after enumeration divers events
occurring, said �among others, last, but not least getting mar-
ried.�     It�s a sorry business I fear, altogether.   Mrs K is
�very anxious,� �very much concerned� about it � and was gone
[words crossed out] to the theatre!  The Devil take the woman.   Oh               
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