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Text for Page 032 [11-26-1851]

              Charley Brown [words crossed out]
[words crossed out], you were quite right in one of your
[word crossed out] letters, when you said �She never had a mother.
  27. Thursday.  Being Thanksgiving day, to the Office.
There awhile talking with Holbrook, Donovan &c; then to
Post Office, then to Wall Street, calling on J B Holmes.
Found him at work as usual.  And he told how old Gleason
had after getting the young wife of an individual intoxicated, been
discovered in questionable situation by the husband, licked within
an inch of his life by the man, and others, and now lay
with damaged sconce, in danger.  /     Called at Chamber
Street.  Evening Barth came, in my cold room till 11,
drinking ale and fumigating, I writing �Ike Chivvles.�
  28. Friday.   A dismally-passed day, in truth. Draw-
ing the Reveille subject, and writing Ike, either in the
gloomy, dark sitting room below, or in my deathly-cold
room abone; driving rain without, and illness within.
Diarrhea and despondency, sore-throat &c.     Insomuch
in the evening I was fain to get into bed, and write
  29. Saturday.  Down town with block for Reveille
and �copy� for printers.  Got $3 from Barton, [word crossed out]
[words crossed out] )     		Wrote awhile in
the Office, then back to Franklin, Holbrook walking part
of the way with me.     Afternoon, drawing.     Barth               
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