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Text for Page 006 [03-01-1862]

	   Bellew off for Washington.
		  March, 1862.
  1.  Saturday.   Writing till 1 � P. M., then down-
town, meeting Thomas by the way.  To F. Leslie�s;
Bellew there, about to start for Washington, to
sketch and write for the paper, in company with
another newspaper man, named, I think, Hall.
To Crook and Duff�s.       Thomas there, Banks, Glo-
ver and anon Cahill, and others.         Promiscuous chat
and drinking.    Up-town with Bellew, he having oc-
casion to go to Amity Street, I rejoining him at Pfaff�s,
having fetched my water-proof overcoat for his ser-
vice.    Down-town together again, to Leslie�s for an opera
glass (for field-service), to Crook and Duff�s for Hall
(who had just departed) the to Jersey City, en-
countering Damoreau, with a huge basket containing
the week�s marketting.    Bellew was a little fuddled
and desirous of my accompanying him; he had sug-
gested this to F. Leslie and opined that if I had cal-
led first, I should have got the job; as it was,
Leslie intimated he might find occasion to send me
after Bellew, in a day or two.       Saw him off by
the 6 o�clock train, then up-town to dinner; then
to 12th street, finding in the parlor of the rear buil-
ding, Mrs. Bellew reclining in an arm-chair, look-
ing pale and middle-aged and very unlike her hus-
band�s favorite sketches of her.  The child, Ally,
was with her and the two Van Orden girls.     I gave
her the letter scribbled off by F. B. at Crook and               
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