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Text for Page 007 [03-01-1862]

	Effects on Mrs Bellew � Her Behavior �
		She visits Thomas.
Duff�s, announcing his departure.   She read it,
told the children, and professed apprehensions for his
safety, in virtue of the expected advance of the army.
�Couldn�t you go and let him come back?     I wish you�d
go!� she iterated, again and again, with cold pertina-
city.   I told her that I should be only too glad of the
chance, that he was allowed free disposal of all his
movements and might not cross the Potomac, &c �
she still returned to her �I wish you�d go.�          Left,
and through the slush and snow to my cheery attic,
where I had left little Boweryem, answering one
of the letters he received from Stockton, at Philadel-
phia � a curious oratorical correspondence in which
they soft-soap each other to an absurd extent.   I had
no sooner got boots off before I was fetched down stairs
to see poor, old, tired Van Orden, who had brought a
letter from Mrs Bellew, directed Immediate and
requesting me to return to her at once &c &c.  Van
Orden said she was in a high state of excitement,
wanted me to accompany her to Washington or to go
thither myself &c &c.          I fibbed and didn�t go.
  2.  Sunday.   Thomas up.            Mrs Bellew had been
to the N.Y. Hotel, in a carriage, at 7 this morning,
rousing him, wanting him to go to Washington, pro-
posing to telegraph extensively to Bellew, of course at
his expense, to visit Leslie � setting off � in her car-
riage � to effect the letter.   Thomas was Southern
and sympathetic.   �I think there�s a little jealousy               
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