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Text for Page 010 [03-02-1862]

	Leslie�s, the Robertson�s and 745.
in it,� said he.   A great deal � probably the whole
of it.     Bellew�s �Bad Advice to Young Wives� by Pro-
fessor Bentharo (been-there-oh!) published in this month�s
Budget, might afford appropriate reading for Mrs B.
at this juncture.             At 3, dreading that the lady
might favor me with a visit, went out and walked
up-town to 38th street, visiting Leslie.  There till 7 �,
then returned by car, and to the Planter�s Hotel,
where I found Boweryem and Robertson, drinking
Madeira.      Stayed till 9 �, then departed, meeting
Mrs R. on the stairs.       To 745, encountering Mr
and Mrs Nast at the threshold, when Sally immedia-
tely began to talk after her old manner to me and
Tommy did a little bit of Sol Eytinge.  (By the way,
Sol was present at Crook and Duff�s yesterday, with
his hair cut extremely short, looking German and pugilis-
tic.    Bellew and W. Waud talked to him.)            Into
the basement.     Mr and Mrs E., Ann, Jack, Eliza
and Matty, the latter on the sofa conversing confiden-
tially with Honeywell.   As I observed this and saw
Haney, rather dull and distant, I was involuntarily
reminded of the former tragic force of his liking
for Sally, and felt as if he were in danger of re-
peating it with pretty Matty.    Eliza came and sat
beside me and I chatted with and chaffed her for
an hour or so.     The young men don�t call � they are
quite deserted � she hasn�t asked Haney what�s the
matter with him and shan�t do it � there are plenty               
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