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Text for Page 042 [10-19-1849]

              tion. Then to our room and backgammon.
  20. Saturday. Drawing in the morning.   Then to New York 
� called at the American Tract Society, enquired for Mr. Roberts, and
was informed � that he died yesterday!
As forest leaves are come and gone
So do the race of mankind hie,�
The wind up-blows, and straightway strows
The scattered leave upon the ground
But soon the wood blooms green, in bud
When the spring tide again comes round �
/ Called on Baker, � I seeing Robben by the way � bye the bye, last
time I saw him, he displayed a most loving and ill spelt letter from his
mother and sister, he having written for the maternal blessing, inasmuch
as he intends matrimony. /	  Then to the Office of the �Bubble�
a paper �a la Punch� just started.   Saw the Editor Brougham, long talk
with him, and Orr the Engraver, who happened to come in for certain
ill drawn, but not badly designed illustrations.   Talk about my
�Mose� subjects.      /	      Walking to North Moore Street, 
went aboard the �Hudson�, the new Ferry boat for Jersey. Witnessing
Wing, John Haun and Hugh at work, paint all over �em. / 
Evening a bit of a stroll � then backgammon with Wing.
  21. Sunday. Joe Greatbatch entered at 6 in the morning, 
come on a visit, for a day or twain.	      A long vagabondize               
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