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Text for Page 033 [11-29-1851]

              came, down town together.   Called at the Reveille
Office, saw Mathews. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out]     To Traveler, where we found Hol-
brook and Hawkins at the entrance.  (Latter still Editor,
inasmuch as he getteth no money, and if I take office, must
have at least $6 per week, or won�t do it.  Soon as Holbrook
hath it to pay, he�ll do it.   /     Barth left.   Waiting awhile
in the Office, the printers rather mutinous about payment, poor
Holbrook fearfully hard up, in truth.   No money to pay
them, none to take home to wife, and none to pay me.
Walked up Broadway together, parting at Franklin.     In
the Evening, having had admission circular sent to the Office
by Barnum, went to Stoppain Hall, there to witness a
panorama of the Great Exposition & Crystal Palace. Mr
Cunningham accompanying me.     It was worth seeing, albeit
the oration was very self-soapey in the way of nationality.  After
to the Irving, imbibing, and looking on at billiard playing.
where Hands found us.   Talk &, parting at corner of
Leonard with him, then to our place, and beds.
  30. Sunday.   Saw Surtees at table,  and the mother of 
�Raymond,� Mrs Brush.     Both odious animals.  Surtees
has a hateful voice, indicative of polished vulgarity and ruffianism,
unspeakably suggestive; � I don�t like to hear it, or look at
him.    And the woman says she�s glad her son�s dead; � he
was a bad fellow &c     She has come on to get more money               
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