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Text for Page 012 [03-03-1862]

              Beckett Bellew on his brother�s domestic
a carriage.   Haney too, was to be favored with a visit.
He had sent the message confided to him by her to John
Wood, with �Please charge the same to F. B.�    �I�m not
going to send it by telegraph,� said Wood, �it can go by
mail with this package.�       To the Evening Post office.
Talk with Ripley, recently returned from the Burnside Ex-
pedition, anon ascended to Maverick.    Returning up Nas-
sau Street in  the mire and drizzle, met Haney who
was just telling me how Mrs Bellew had followed him
to the Court where he was officiating on Jury duty and
on his name being called � when Beckett Bellew appear-
ed with Banks.           I had heard of his presence in town
from John Wood, who communicating the news of Mrs
B�s discomposure to him and her assurance that Bel-
lew�s absence �would be fatal to her� had received the sym-
pathetic answer �It�ll be a d____d good job for Frank if
it does!�       Parting with Haney, we went to Crook and
Duff�s and drank.        Beckett, conversing with me privately,
d____d the Wheeler family up-hill and down dale, charac-
terizing the old man as a b____y hypocrite &c.      He doesn�t
visit his brother�s house during Frank�s absence and
evidently detests his sister-in-law.     I opine that his
habits and temporary domiciliation at 22nd street
helped to increase the aggregate of F. B�s misery.  We
agreed that he ought to be left at his own discretion
about returning.     The woman proposed to tell a direct
lie in her telegram.    It was, �Return immediately.    Your
wife is very ill.     Frank Leslie sends an artist to re-               
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