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Text for Page 013 [03-03-1862]

		Edge.       Picton.
place you to-night.�       Beckett presently went off
with Banks, who was to accompany him to Pater-
son.    Walked part of the way up-town with Mullen.
Found Edge in Cahill�s room.     He dined with us,
jawed with Jewitt and presently came up into my
room where he stayed till 10, in company with Bow-
eryem.   Edge complained dismally of neuralgia in the
head and face and went out to get some whiskey
and quinine as a remedy.           I met Picton down-
town to-day, at John Pyne�s book store.  He shouted
out my name and talked, at the top of his voice,
nineteen to the dozen.   How he had left the army,
being discharged on the day before Bull Run � I
think he was paymaster to the 2nd Scott Life Guard,
though he bragged of his having drilled soldiers: �
how a law suit was impending about the ownership
of his (wife�s) house � how he was going to edit an
U. S. Army and Navy Gazette, and much more;
all communicated in a loud tone of voice and with
scarcely a moment�s pause.   He left me at the Eve-
ning Post Office.          A dreary rainy night as I
sit scribbling to the familiar accompaniment of the
rattling casement and the rain against the win-
dow panes.
  4.  Tuesday.   In-doors all day, story-scribbling.
Out with Edge at night, for oysters.
  5.  Wednesday.   Writing until evening.   Edge up
and Boweryem.   Out with the former, leaving him at               
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