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Text for Page 014 [03-05-1862]

              [two photographs of Matty Edwards]
Martha Edwards.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
at Amity St.,
then on to 745.
Matty, Eliza
Ann and their
father present.
Haney had
called and de-
parted.  The
girls were full
of a party they
had attended
overnight, a
�sociable� at the
Browns and
prattled plea-

[photograph of Eliza Edwards]
Eliza Edwards.

santly to me
about the details
� of the young
men, how they
were dressed, of
their dancing and
conversational a-
bilities � how Mat
�flirted� (accord-
ing to Eliza�s de-
position) � how
she �went to have
a good time and
had it,� according
to her own � how               
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