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Text for Page 015 [03-05-1862]

	Matty and Eliza.   Girl�s gossip.
Mort Brown didn�t ask either of �em to dance, because
they had privately admitted that they didn�t like him
as well as his brother; which, duly retailed in sisterly
aggravation by Josey, had set him �in a fever, on the
sofa all the evening�; � how Matty had been guilty of
a mild bit of slang and repented of it; of motto-kis-
ses and supper; what the narrators wore and what
the other girls wore; how Josey Brown was the pret-
tiest girl present (this with an air of refreshing abne-
gation and candor from Eliza); how they returned
home between two and three A. M., and much
more, agreeable to listen to, in spite of Ann�s sage
�Do you think Mr. Gunn cares to hear all that nonsense?�
He certainly did, and thinks he must change very
much before such fireside prattle by pretty, good
and honest-hearted girls, delightfully retrospective
of healthy enjoyment, will not give him pleasure.
By 10 the girls said good night and went to-bed.
Stayed an hour longer with Mr. and Mrs. Edwards,
then departed.                  Of the portraits on the pre-
ceding page, those of Matty do her decided injustice,
that to the left being a positive libel.              Cahill
brought home two letters to-day, written by O�Brien; having
to fudge up one as from �our correspondent,� using the
contents for the morrow�s paper.   Both were written
in pencil, the first detailing the Blooming Gap affair
� with the narrator�s achievements in due prominence
� the other endorsed, �In bed � wounded.�  It told               
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