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Text for Page 016 [03-05-1862]

	O�Brien wounded.   A letter from him.
		At Frank Leslie�s.
how he had ridden at the head of his men, respond-
ing to the �rebel� officer�s inquiry as to what they
were by �Union men, God damn you!� and firing
his revolver, when a smart skirmish ensued, in
which O�Brien got wounded, �the bullet going through
and through� his �scapular.�  Of course he didn�t want
to quit the fight but had to ride 21 miles in his
�pain and agony.�  Then follows a verbatim copy
of a complimentary despatch to him from McClellan
and a request that transcripts of it and the letter
should be sent to three newspaper acquaintances, of
which Bellew and F. Wood were two.         It was ori-
ginally written to a Mr Davis who was once introdu-
ced to Cahill by O�Brien as a �son of the richest
man in New York.�   The former letter, that about
the Bloomery Gap business, ended with an urgent entrea-
ty for the fulfillment of a promise to send along
whiskey, and �You never saw such a God-forsaken
country as this is, � no man and no lush.�
  6.  Thursday.   Down town, to Harper�s with story.
Thence to Frank Leslie�s.  Newman there.  W. Waud
and others.     Saw Leslie, didn�t get the $10 due for
story � couldn�t pay it till Bellew�s return � sent into
Leslie�s private den as he wanted to speak to me � fold-
ed up papers I had for mail, got impatient, came
out, talked with Waud, returned into Leslie�s sanctum
with him and was consulted about my going to Wash-
ington, thence to accompany a division of the army on               
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