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Text for Page 017 [03-06-1862]

	At the Cooper Institute with Edge.
		Down town.
its advance, to sketch for the paper.   An interview,
appointed for the morrow.    At Crook and Duff�s
found Edge.     To the Evening Post office; saw Williams
and Godwin.     Up town with Edge; he to Scribners to
get copy of his book �Slavery Doomed,� published in
England in 1860.          He was going to present it, duly
pencilled on the margin of the more pregnant passages,
to Horace Greeley.    Parted, and I went up-town.     Wri-
ting.      Edge came in the evening, full of exaltation
about the President�s Emancipation Message � the
first thing really identifying the government with anti-
slavery.     Together to the Emancipation Meeting at
the Cooper Institute � hall full � Carl Schurz speak-
ing.        Towards the close, England of the Tribune
came in with the President�s message in full which
was read aloud, clumsily, at the break up of the meet-
ing.        Looked into the New York Hotel bar, the
strong hold of Secession for drinks � then returned to
Bleecker Street, Edge quartering himself on Cahill
as heretofore, not at all to the satisfaction of the latter,
for in the first place Edge is as chilly as a snake and
generally avails himself of the absence of his compulsory
host to make a big fire, in the second he is an unquiet,
restless bedfellow.
  7.  Friday.   A lovely, sunny, cool day.   Down town
to Leslie�s, he not arrived.   To Haney�s office, or
rather to that of Christopher Morse and Skippon,
his partners.    He wasn�t it; has been on jury duty               
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