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Text for Page 018 [03-07-1862]

	         Edge and his belongings.
for the last week or more.   To the Post-office; re-
turning, met John Bonner, who told me �that story was
being set up�; then to F. Leslie�s.       Talk with him; ex-
hibited sketches; asked $20 a week and expenses; he
demurred; we discussed the question and finally adjourn-
ed it.     �Look in to-morrow,� quoth he.  Shan�t do any-
thing of the sort, if he wants me he may send for me.
At Crook and Duff�s met and drank with Berghans,
the honest German artist, on F. Leslie�s almost from
its commencement.     Up town.  At work on another story.
By 5 �, Edge appears.            He goes off to Washington to-
morrow morning 
at 7 A. M. re-
gretting that I
do not accom-
pany him, as
we had hoped.
Edge is a curious
illustration of
how far a man
may go on the
strength of one
idea, and the
amount of suc-
cess it may bring
him.   His fa-
ther is a gas-fit-
ter or something

[photograph of Edge]
Frederick Milnes Edge.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
of the sort to the
House of Parlia-
ment, one who
as a tradesman
seems to have
considerable re-
lations with the
British aristo-
cracy.  From
his son�s asser-
tion that he 
once owned a
pocket borough
from the know-
ledge that Edge
himself has
knocked down               
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