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Text for Page 019 [03-07-1862]

	The British Nobility according to Edge!
a good deal of the paternal money, in London, New
York and Paris, I opine that Edge senior must be
a wealthy man.   Whether derived from his peculiar point of
observation in early years, or originating in his pre-
sent American proclivities, Edge certainly entertains
extraordinary, not to say outrageous convictions of the
depravity and corruption of the nobility of his native
land.       He tells stories how, when a boy, smuggled
in by an uncle, a tradesman, he witnessed the lat-
ter portion of a ball at the Duchess of Sutherland�s;
how, when the Queen had departed, the noble guests
fell to worse than romping; how a Countess or
Dutchess was chased into a corner by half a dozen
sprigs of nobility, who thrust their hands down and
up her dress; how the beautiful Lady Clementina
Villiers kissed half a dozen of them; how the said
beauty, though acknowledged as the handsomest wo-
man of the court of Victoria, never got married, be-
cause she was �every man�s wife�; how her name
was mentioned at the Clubs in connection with this
and that man; how the young Prince of Wales was
caught in flagrante delicto with one of his sister�s
bridesmaids on the occasion of the Princess�s mar-
riage (!) how members of parliament jestingly
justify the commission of unnatural offences �
and much more.        Lies.  I think I have recorded
Edge�s antecedents heretofore; how he lived in
Paris, visiting the theatres as one of the claque;               
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