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Text for Page 020 [03-07-1862]

	Edge�s Wife and Incidentals.
how he starved about the timber yards of New
York in company with Watson, in consequence of his
receiving �no remittances� from home; how Levison
helped him; how he married a little Alsatian prosti-
tute, of whom he has, now, the very highest opinion,
to whom he duly remits a portion of his �Star� salary,
and plenty of New York illustrated newspapers.
Haney used to visit the pair, during the Levison pe-
riod and reported favorable of Mrs. Edge.    I saw
her portrait at Amity Street t�other night; coarsish
but not unpleasing features and a profusion of hair.
She lives in Alsace, whither Edge escorted her,
previous to his present American campaign.   His pa-
rents recognize her, though an objectionable brother of
his, whom I have some indistinct recollection of, as
appearing in New York, went back home and told
them what �Fred� had married!    Haney lent Edge
money, which wasn�t repaid; he wrote to his father
about it; but the debt remained uncancelled till very
recently; perhaps does so still.      When Cahill learnt
of Edge�s arrival here, from Washington, he in pur-
suance of an old grudge against him, rushes to Han-
ey with the news, with the name of the hotel Edge
had put up at!       (Cahill has been Haney�s debtor
himself in the past; of course is still!)           Edge�s
book �Slavery Doomed� appears to be a good compila-
tion, with common sense deductions from trustworthy
premises.   He dedicated it to Lord Brougham and               
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