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Text for Page 034 [11-30-1851]

              from the sympathy of fellow actors for the deceased.  She
talks loud and yankee-fied. [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].     		May the devil admire
her!     [words crossed out]
[line crossed out]
[words crossed out]. 				  /    Here�s a story
possessing sufficient of the ridiculous to warrant setting it down.
It would seem that Reynolds, (actor at the �Broadway� and do-
miciled here,) being desirous of borrowing a pair of nether ha-
biliments of Moorhouse,  for histrionic purposes; applied to him.
But his wife Fanny Wallack did put upon it a most decided
veto, and the voice which I once heard in Philadelphia,
in Juliet�s love-empassioned speech was exalted even to letting
the dwellers on the adjacent floors know that �Bill Reynold�s�
should not have those pants � they had been purchased with her
money, and she would destroy them ere his request should be

  {1. Monday     A week having passed, I cannot recollect
  2.  Tuesday     the several occurrences of each day, wherefore
  3. Wednesday}     I must put them down hap-hazard, as they
come to mind.  Wrote long letter to Boutcher, to George
Bolton, and to Dillon Mapother (in reply to a pleasant
letter received from him, dated Rome.)   Called at Millers.               
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